An Assurance of Security

Backed by an invincible combination of state-of-the-art technology and people with integrity PALCO Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd., is fully geared to offer most comprehensive security solutions for its clientele in both manned and unmanned security domains. With a stringent recruitment process followed by a well-designed and rigorous training program place tailored to meet modern day security needs in place PALCO offers Security Solutions that compare to the best in the industry.

Unmanned Security Solutions

PALCO has pioneers the domain of procuring, installing and maintaining state-of-the-art Surveillance equipment. All the products are exceptional in their own way as they are robust, exclusively modeled to suit individual requirements and are userfriendly allowing hassle-free installation, maintenance and day-today operations. What's more? There is an active after-sale service that effectively responds to complaints swiftly. Above all, PALCO has a team of security experts who provide our clients with foolproof installation plans and security blue prints for making the facility literally unreachable.

The range of systems PALCO offers includes:

  • Access controls
  • CCTVs
  • Fire Alarms, Fire Suppressors
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Perimeter Protection
  • We design and install all e- security systems
  • Office 24/7 control room
  • Fire & safety training and Management
  • And many more…

    Armed with a brigade of superiorly trained personnel, PALCO Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd., is ready to excel the realm of manned security solutions. The customized training delivered to personnel based on their aptitude not only sets PALCO apart but also allows for a perfect resource to be on guard for its clients. The specialty security services at PALCO Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd., include:

    Industrial Security

    Our well-trained personnel are not only adept at handling regular security routines like visitor/employee logs, logistics and attendance management etc., but are also equipped with the competence to respond to disasters and accidents at the site.

    Institutional Security

    Whatever be the institution a school, college, office, hotel or even a place of worship, the well-mannered team of security personnel good at balancing courteousness and vigilance lends to smooth and hassle-free proceedings at your institution.

    Malls and Retail Outlets

    PALCO provides the best-in-class security solutions for Malls and Retail Outlets. The personnel well equipped to handle security equipment like CCTVs besides being alert and on the vigil 24x7, 365 usher in a reign of fool-proof security

    Bank/ATM Security

    Appreciating the fact that Banks/ATMs happen to be the prime targets for thieves PALCO provide specially trained personnel to meet their security demands with utmost efficiency.

    Cash Transportation Services

    Endowed with its own fleet of customized cash transportation vehicles and people with highest levels of integrity, PALCO security is raring to emerge as the safest mode of cash transportation from banks to ATMs or other destinations in the state.

    Residential Security

    From a single dwelling to hi-rise apartments, PALCO offers exceptional security solutions to make your home not only the sweetest but also the safest place on earth at all times as it should be.

    Event Security

    Security plays the most vital role in making an event pass-off without an incident in a way contributing to the overall success of an event. From barricading to entrance and exit routes' planning, from VIP escort to crowd management through to emergency response plans, PALCOʼs team of trained security experts helps in planning the security arrangement at the down to the detail so that an event becomes eventful for every stakeholder.

    Personal Security (Bodyguards)

    Backed by a specially trained team of personnel proficient in diverse combat techniques (armed and unarmed) PALCO caters to the finest personal security solutions to its clients. With high alacrity and alertness as their forte, our personnel have the proven competence to keep our clients insulated from bodily harm.

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