Always There For You.

Palco Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd. , is a ISO-9001:2015 Certified ,Certified by the intelligence departmnet of Hyderabad Police and a PSARA Licensced Organization, established with a vision to redefine the domain of A to Z workpool. By harnessing the best of available systems and human resources, PALCO aims to emerge as one which is endowed with the competence to deliver the whole spectrum of Facility Management services. Backed by our passion to excel, we are confident of inspiring a regime of afford ability, efficacy and excellence. And in pursuit of making our presence felt, we constantly seek to innovate novel mechanisms that translate into superior services at economical costs for the benefit of our clients.

To be the preferred company in the services offered by us - assisting individuals, organizations, corporate companies and professionals, official departments and authorities at all levels - by transforming ourselves as a leader through global practices and implementations as per different compliance.

To top the ladder in our business sector and withstand the position supported by ever increasing trust that strengthens us to forge ahead as a Leader

Transparency, Ethics, Standards, Commitment and Dedication form the Core values of PALCO which are reflected at every phase of its services. All these empower to provide valuable services which are worthy beyond time.


  • Development of different policies that adds progressive value to the company at different times of business.
  • Implementation of standards to render best services in spite of difficulties and Technological changes
  • Sign itself as a signature of success by playing a significant role in all times of business
  • AIM

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Reliability
  • Professional approach
  • Responsiveness to problems
  • Competency of services
  • Ambience that enables a smooth work flow
  • USPs

  • 100% statutory compliance
  • Progressive working structure
  • Professionally capable human resources
  • Excellent equipment to latest standards
  • Uncompromised 24/7 services at a fast pace
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