It is a well-established fact the clean, dazzling and hygienic indoors often induce a bracing effect on individuals. And we at PALCO thoroughly appreciating this fact provide world class Housekeeping Services that affect healthy working environs.

We only utilize eco-friendly materials, proven technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to impact effective cleaning while marginalizing adverse impacts on humans as well the environment.

In addition to the above, we excel the following areas to ensure prompt and up-to-the-minute services to our clients.

  • Consistent & Quality Oriented Services
  • Supply of Equipment & Machinery
  • In-house Training
  • Use of state-of-the-art Cleaning Equipment & Technology
  • Complete MIS Reporting Systems
  • Specialized Cleaning procedures customized to individual requirements
  • Cleaning & Maintenance of external Fencing, Gates & Boundaries
  • Operations & Management Schedules
  • Supply of Materials & Consumables
  • Pantry

    With PALCO Facility Management Services Pvt. Ltd., pantry services at your disposal you bring home hospitality that matches the finest hotels in the country. The qualified team of our Pantry Executives are groomed with etiquettes, warm manners and above all absolute hygiene, so that one can relish their choicest of palate to their heart's content.

    PALCO strongly believes that Health is Wealth and its Pantry services wing strongly emphasizes the fact that food is not one that fills the stomach, but the one that satisfies the moods with its variety of dishes cooked and served, hot and chilled. PALCO imparts the Science of Cooking &

    Pantry maintenance in its training sessions, which enables it to provide the best team ever – The reason why the Professional Pantry services team from PALCO serve you not just food but Health. Their experience and expertise are perfectly blended to provide you the perfect blend of Healthy food and excellent pantry maintenance, for you to rest assured.

    PALCO's Pantry services comes inclusive of Maintenance and Restocking apart from its services starting from layout & design of your kitchen pantry to extending satisfactory smiles after-meal.

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